Freshman Dorm Life

So, you've finally done it: You've picked the right school to go to, you have gotten your acceptance, and now all that remains is finalizing your housing plans. And that's where we're here to help you. Chances are you know little or nothing about the GT housing situation, and this is where you're (most likely) going to live for the next year or more. So here is the truth about housing at Georgia Tech.

Freshman Experience

Freshman Experience is a traditional living arrangement with usually 2 people to a room. (There are a few singles rooms to be had and some of the guys dorms have 4 person suites on the corners.) The dorms are single-sex and all dorms have an escort policy for members of the opposite sex. (Theoretically. There are very few females who have problems getting into the guys' dorms unescorted. Go figure.) As a participant in FE, students are requested (NOT required) to do a twice-quarterly academic assessment, part of FE's way of ensuring that you don't forget your studies while here at Tech. Other FE policies that you might want to know about beforehand are:
-alcohol-free dorms (With Georgia Tech's new alcohol policy, this is being enforced more than ever.)
- peer leaders on every hall (upper classmen who are here to help your transition to college life)
-required meal plan, either 10, 14, or an unlimited number of meals per week in the dining hall of your choice (If you go Greek but still live in the dorms, you can get out of this and switch to either a 50 meal per quarter or 5 meal per week plan. This will cost you a "small fine" for breaking your housing contract.)
-24 hour courtesy hours; quiet hours set by individual hall councils
-psych 1010 "Introduction to College Life" is (THEORETICALLY) required. There are ways...
-tutors available until midnight on weekdays & Sunday nights

The East Side Versus the West Side

There are several differences between east campus FE and west campus FE. Here are some things you should know before choosing a dorm:

-East Campus
-the traditional freshman dorms
-3 female dorms, 4 male dorms
-joint couryards between buildings, Brittain Dining Hall
-Brittain Rec
-more joint activities and interaction between dorms

-West Campus
-1 full female dorm, 2 full male dorms, 1 co-ed dorm, and one female floor of another dorm
-closer to SAC and most upperclassmen housing
-Woodruff Dining Hall

Non-Freshman Experience Options

There are other options for living on campus, although FE is by far the most popular for first-year students. Some other options include: other dorms (located on both east and west campus), apartments (hard to get into, but it is possible), and commuting.
For a closer look at the individual dorms, go here. You can look at any dorm on campus and actually link to nearly every room on campus by going to the dorm and then linking to the floor plans.

So you're tired of the dining hall

You have to eat. It's a fact of life. So we want to help you make it as painless as possible. These are some of your options at Tech:

-Food service:
Brittain Dining Hall (east campus)
Woodruff Dining Hall (west campus)
Ferst Place (top floor of student center)

-On campus:
Junior's Grill (Tech tradition, but not open for dinner)
Burger King
Pizza Hut
WestSide Diner (comparable to a Waffle House)
various hot food lines in the food court

Papa John's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Kokopelli's Pizza
Tong's Kitchen (Chinese)
ChinaTech (Chinese)
Chico & Chang's (Chinese and Mexican; sounds weird, but it's my favorite)