FASET Orientation

(Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech)

When is FASET?

The Official Faset Page.
If you are asking yourself this, fear not, you application will arrive some time in late June. FASET is offered five times a summer. The dates for this summer are August 2-3,9-10, 16-17, 23-24 and September 17-18. I recommend coming, because this gives you a chance to take placement tests while the stuff is still in your head, and you have time to fix things, if (what am I saying) when something goes wrong. This recommendation stands for out of towners (no matter how far) too, for the same reasons.

What is FASET?

FASET is quite literally TECH talk for orientation. At FASET, you will receive the usual tours of campus, and be treated to a barrage of helpful informational sessions, and meet hundreds of very important people. Helping you remember the things you learn at FASET is one of the reasons that the T-book was reinstated and this page was created to help you select the sessions most important to you.

FASET lasts two days and consists of several sessions. Each session is designed to introduce you to some new aspect of Tech life or to accomplish one of the 3 billion things you must do to be "properly" registered. Here is what last years itinerary looked like. This years will most likely be similar.

Program Time Location
Check-In 8-10 Center for the Arts (CFA)
Student Health Center *Get questions answered 8-11 Student Services Building
AP Math Exam 8:30-10 Student Center RM 321
Welcome 10-10:15 Robert Frost CFA
What's an Honor Code? 10:15-10:30 CFA
Meet Orientation Leader 10:30-12:30 Various Locations
Lunch 12:30-1:25 Student Center

Campus Information Sessions

Auxiliary Services 1:30-2:15 CFA
Safety 2:15-2:30 CFA
Study Abroad 2:30-2:40 CFA
Co-op 2:40-3:05 CFA
Opportunities at TECH 3:10-4:00 Festival Area
Computer Ownership 4:10-4:50 CFA
Financial Aid/Bursar 4:50-5:10 CFA
Free Time 5:10-6  
Dinner 6-6:55 Student Center
Tech at a Glance 7-7:45 CFA
Getting it Together 7:55-8:45 Instructional Center
Comedian 9-10 CFA
Social 10-11:20 Student Athletic Complex

Lets start in the morning, shall we. As you can see check in goes from 8 until 10 but unless you have to take the AP math exam, ;you should check in whenever you can drag yourself out of bed. At which time they will give you a nifty binder with all kinds of stuff inside. Some of it is interesting, and actually useful, and the coupons come in handy too. It is probably a good idea to wander over with your parents to the health center, just so you will not have to wander all over creation while in a sleep deprived stupor. So after you find the health center and wander back you should be in your seats and ready to be welcomed by that barrage of important people ( President Clough, other Administration) I mentioned before. Last year was the first year for the honor code so we got a rather long explanation of what it is and why it is important to TECH. Although it sounds boring a lot of people put a lot of work in to it, and the honor code is a serious thing. You will have to be asked to sign an honor statement before you register, so try and pay attention.

Next you leave your parents (freedom) to search for your FASET leader. This is an exercise in spatial orientation. You must try and find your leader, by some means of following a randomly assigned number. This will probably be your first encounter with the Tech ratio (3 guys to one girl). After you successfully meet, you and your entourage will wander to a place and proceed to bond. Depending on your group and your leader this can either be entertaining or "educational". During this time you can ask questions (any kind) and you will get a tour. If your leader is good, he won't just wander campus for an hour, but will make an effort to tell you where you are and how to get back from there.

NOTE: IF you get separated or lost, you can navigate Tech by following the Bell South, Nations Bank and Coke buildings. NationsBank is the building with the pointy top that looks like a cigarette at night. It is east of the campus. Coke is to the south-ish. Here is a map.

After standing in an extremely long line for lunch, you will enter the campus informational sessions for information overload. While many of these sessions are important the extent to which you may find them useful varies. However, don't feel too badly if you accidentally miss one since most of the time the information can be found in other places. If you are interested in co-oping, or studying abroad I would encourage you to stop in on these sessions.

After dinner, the entire program is good, and I would recommend going to the whole thing. The session Getting It Together and the comedian were wonderful.

All this is the "official" FASET day. There are also many other things you need to get done most of these will be covered in some fashion by your FASET leader. First, you need to go by the bookstore and get your Buzz Card which is Tech's student ID/debit card/meal plan card. While there you can also sign up for a program called Buzz Books . If you sign up for it, the bookstore staff will pick out all or some of your books, (all used, all new, or mixed) and if you give them a credit card number they will ring it up. This saves a lot of waiting in line at the begining of each quarter to pay for books. Finally it would be a good idea to get your email address from OIT. To do this you will literally have to go by OIT and fill out an application. It is a good idea to do this before you get to campus, as it will facilitate your hook up to the life blood of Tech, email.

NOTE: Each Each year the FASET cabinet trys to make FASET even better and more informative, so although the above may not be exactly the same as this year's FASET, it should be close.

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