Intergender Communication

  What She Really Means.
  What He Really Means.

In this section we decided to try and clear up the confusion associated with intergender communication or commonly known as "the what does that mean" problem. We have taken the liberty of publishing some common translations which have been known to cause problems in the past. Please realize that this page is for translation purposes only and we do not suggest you trying to actually speak in the language of the opposite sex.

She Says: She Means:

I'm not interested in dating anyone right now I'm not interested in dating YOU ever.
Friend Friend
Let's just be friends. I don't want to date you but I don't mind talking to you.
Date An event declared so by the asking party at the asking


He Says: He Means:

I'll call. I'm not the slightest bit interested in you now or ever. I will never call and I will actually be actively avoiding you for the next two weeks.
You like wanna go out or somthing? I'm really inteested in you but I'm too afraid to ask you out on a date because you'll probably reject me.
Friend Ugly four letter word.
Date You know, like when we go out and stuff.
We have a uhh... thing. One of the most profound statements made by a male on the subject of a relationship. On top of the fact that he has realized that a relationship exists he is acknowledging that you have had an integral part in brining it about. This statement is both a "Thank you" for your continuing patience and an expression of his rejoicing in the uhh... thing.