Socializing for Nerds

 Admit it, if you are not already one, Tech will very quickly turn you into a computer nerd. The fact is, with the powerful networks and proliferation of chat programs like ICQ and AOL Instant Messager, it becomes really easy to end all vocal communication. I have even heard stories of roommates communicating across their dorm room with ICQ rather than making the effort to use their vocal chords. Now, this isn't negative, sometimes email can be a wonderful thing - makes it easier to organize parties, get large groups of people together - in general, it is essential to daily life. But, on the flip side, you need to learn to distinguish between a human friend and a computer person that you play network games with sometimes. Reality is a good thing.

1.  Network Communication
(ICQ, AOL Instant Messager)
2. How to use
3.  Online etiquette