1.  Definition:
At Tech, especially when you first get here, you will hear a lot about the mysterious and mystical "ratio". Well, there is nothing mystical about it. The cold, hard fact is, usually the ratio of men to women is 3:1.


She said:

I am a "glass is half full" person myself, so, if you are male and worrying about the ratio, think about Tech of the past. If you came here 50 years ago, the ratio would be non-existent, because Tech wasn't even co-ed. In the modern area, we're pretty competitive with most other well recognized science and engineering schools. Think about it this way, you could be at Caltech with a 10:1 ratio. That makes Tech look like it is crawling with women.



He Said:

I am a realist and I think the ratio bites. No matter how much it has improved at Tech or how much worse it could be somewhere else 3:1 still sucks!


 2. Beating the Ratio (for men)
 No matter how bleak the ratio may cause your dating prospects to seem, there is hope...


She said:

Men at Tech seem to think getting a date for a Friday night is akin to discovering the cure to cancer. In truth there are plenty of unattached, attractive, single women just waiting to be asked out. The key to beating the ratio for men is KEEP ASKING! Yes, you may be turned down a few times, but eventually someone will say yes. Persistence is the key. Remember, there may be more men than women, but not every guy has the courage to ask a girl out.



He Said:

She is right that you'll have to be persistent to date Tech women. But remember that there is a fine line between persistence and "breaking and entering." The sure-fire way to beat the ratio for men is to remember these magic words...



UGA (to be used only as a last resort)


She said II:

Let it be said that Tech women are far superior to any women found at "other" schools.


3.  Beating the Ratio (for women)
 Well, we have to be fair...


She said:

This seems like an like a non-sequitur, what does a woman need to do in a school like Tech other than sit around and be plagued with numerous invites for dates. The fact is though, most of the really nice guys lack confidence to ask you out. A lot of them, intimidated by the ratio think they don't have a chance. Whenever a guy complains about this to you, make sure you clear up any miss conceptions. Plus, many of the guys here (despite their deep-south traditional attitudes), really wouldn't mind too much if you asked them out. And whenever a guy complains to you about the ratio, make sure you smile and say "well, if it will make things better for you, I'll date 3 guys at a time"



 He Said:

Women, technically in your case, in order to beat the ratio you have to either be turned down when you ask for a date or date 4 or more men at the same time. No matter what She may suggest I would advise against dating multiple men. Even joking about this can be quite offensive and, ironically, help you beat the ratio by turning every male on campus against you.