T.B.S., otherwise known as "Tech Bitch Syndrome" seems to be a term that is slowly passed through the population of Tech. However, the meaning of this term seems to vary based on your gender.



She said:

TBS is a misunderstood syndrome. Basically, what happens is when guys get to Tech, they quickly adopt the defeatist attitude about dating. So, rather than risking humiliation by being rejected (since they are under the presumption that all the girls already have boyfriends), they spend their time hanging out in their dorm playing Quake or poker or something. So, all the girls sit around their dorms, cause no one is asking them out, and get really bitter about the whole situation, thus they have contracted TBS.



He Said:

Tech Bitch Syndrome is a complex issue with many facets... Ah who am I kidding.

"Tech Bitch Syndrome" applies to those women who realize that the 3:1 ratio can be easily exploited. These "Syndromees" realize that they can date nearly anyone they want (and only those they want). The poor souls who are not as desirable to the "Syndromee" are cruelly rejected. Hence the "Syndromee" becomes a "bitch."