Math and Science: Freshman Experience Learning Centers: Freeman-Montag basement, Harrison 2nd floor, Cloudman basement, Towers basement, Glenn basement, Brown 3 rd floor, Howell TV Lounge, and Smith 2nd floor. Sunday through Thursday: 8 PM-12 AM.

ChemE: Each class has a recitation class with a T.A.

EE: Tutors available in study room of Van Leer building. Tutor schedule is posted. List of tutors in the Van Leer building academic office, room W204

ME: Phi Tau Sigma society has a list of tutors. Call 894-4000.

Chem/Biochem: Chem 1100, 1101, 1102, and 1112 Chemistry Annex Room 53. Call 894-7541 for hours, or contact Dr. Block, coordinator for the tutoring program.

Math: Math lab in Skiles room 257. Call 894-2700 to confirm hours. Help available M and W: 11 AM-4 PM, T and TH: 10 AM-3PM. Math classes have T.A.'s.

Physics: Help Lab: Howey Building, Rm N209. Call 894-5201. Recitation classes with T.A. (2122 classes). List of available tutors for pay outside reception office, room S103.

Step: Program for Freshman and Sophomore in Skiles, Room 257. Tutors all subjects. Sunday through Thursday from 6 PM-7 PM. Call Office of Minority Education (OMED) 894-3959.

SGA: Keeps a current list of available tutors on campus.

Any Subject: Learning Resource Center in Student Services Building 2 nd floor. Private tutoring help available by appointment. Call 894-1945.