Examo Ergo Sum


You Have Been Deemed Worthy:

So now you're here at Tech. How can you make the most of your years here? Here are some simple guidelines that may trip you up if your not careful to learn quickly.


The First Step Toward Success:

Learn about the faculty. Sometimes you get further by who you know, rather than what you know -- learn about the faculty in general, and your professors in particular. The faculty especially emphasizes use of technology; check out some of these links.


What They Force You To Do:

As always, there is some "Required stuff" you'll have to get taken care of. Regent's Testing (yeah, the SAT wasn't your last standardized test), for example, is mandated by the state of Georgia. If you've earned a lot of credit (50 plus hours), you'll be required to take this test; otherwise you'll automatically be signed up for remedial English (LCC0020). There are two parts (writing and comprehension) and the test is offered a few times during the year.

Fees and payments will always be there, and you'll be getting a million notices about fees and payments -- note the due dates. Know where the Bursar's and Financial Aid offices.


Second Chances:

Once your here, you may decide to change your classes. You might find out, for example, that your calculus professor failed 60% of the students last term, so you might decide to try to switch classes (note the emphasis on the word "try"). As mentioned before, learn to use Oscar.