1. n. The period of time where you are required to discuss your schedule with a member of faculty.

2. n. The time you spend listening to a professor you will never have ramble on about War experience, drinking escapades, and ex-spouses.




 n. Anyone who has passed any class at Georgia Tech

(We're not kidding it only takes one class)


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 Animal House

 n. Educational movie delicately highlighting the pros and cons of college life

See: PCU




 1. n. A television station owned by "Almighty Ted"

2. n. Primary source of news for Tech students (Almighty Ted's idea)



Computer Nerd

1. n. Antisocial, geek who would rather date his computer

2. n. Someone who will earn twice your salary after graduation

See: Dating, Free Time

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 n. Acronym for "Cult of the Shaft" I'd better let them explain it.

Cult of the Shaft Homepage

See: Shaft




 n. Social activity only dreamed of by many male Tech students

See: Free Time, Shaft

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Drop Day

1 n. Last possible day to withdraw from a class

2 n. The day that OSCAR always crashes

3 n. The day when your Chemistry class will reduce to the size of the Anarchist Party Convention

See: Shaft




 n. Physics "electromagnetism" course #2122 considered one of the most difficult/confusing classes you will take.

See: Shaft, Re-Mag, Three-Mag



Free Time  n. This space intentionally left blank




 1. n. First year Tech student

2. Lowest pool of slime in the hierarchical society of Georgia Tech

3. n. student with between 0 and 44 hours (arcane usage)

see: Rats



Headline News

 1. n. A television station owned by "Almighty Ted"

2. n. Secondary source of news for Tech students. See: CNN



 Intel Computers

 1. n. Penultimate computer system (according to Intel users)

2. n. Pathetic excuse for a glorified calculator (according to non-Intel users)

See: Macintosh




1. n. Meaningless word see Sophomore

2. n. Student with between 90 and 134 (arcane usage)



n. On campus Grill that has become a traditional place to sit back, relax, and pretend you don't have an e-mag exam in 20 minutes.


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1. n. Penultimate computer system (according to Mac users)

2. n. Pathetic excuse for a glorified calculator (according to non-Mac users)

See: Intel Computers




 1. n. Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

2. n. Primary mode of transportation for the majority of students who are unable/unwilling to bring a car

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Midnight Madness  n. Method of stress relief during exam week. Large portions of the Freshman Experience gather outside their dorms and scream.



Move In Day

1. n. The day when the majority of Tech students first encounter their domiciles

2. n. Visualize Woodstock only more chaotic

3. n. Have you ever been on New York's subway, during rush hour, on Christmas Eve, carrying a couch, during a power outage?

4. n. An opportunity for guys to actually see the inside of the Female dorms simply by offering to carry boxes.




1. n. digital encoding method for sounds

2. n. Digital media whose use on campus to record and distribute music was investigated by the FBI in early 1998

3. n. Single most prolific musical library system on Tech campus


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 Nique  see Technique




1. n. Acronym for "Office of Information Technology" where to go to get network information (Passwords, logins, etc.) Address all employees with the highest respect for they know how to crash your computer at 3am the morning before your term paper is due.

2. n. Organization for the Institution of Technocracy


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1. n. Online Student Computer Assisted Registration

2. n. The online system for class registration, time ticket information, and your current account balance

3. n. Sadistic registration program from hell!

4. n. A fuzzy green muppet

5. n. My baloney has a first name...

See: Time Ticket, Shaft, Overload, OIT


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1. n. Official request for permission to enter a class which had previously been filled.

2. n. Source of strain in student - faculty relations due to the excessive begging, pleading, and bribes.




 n. Educational movie examining the deep philosophy of college life

See: Animal House




1. n. Brief test of your knowledge

2. n. Professor-speak for a three question test that will count for 60% of your grade




1. n. Member of the family rodentia. Considered lowest of all mammalian lifeforms

2. n. Recently Acquired Tech Student.

3. n. Have you ever wondered what "Mystery Meat" really meant?

see: Freshman



 Recursion see: Recursion




v.What you do after failing E-mag.

see: E-mag, Three-Mag, Shaft




 n. final year as an undergraduate student. Must be preceded by the number of years at Tech

(Ex. 4th-year Senior, 5th-year Senior etc.)




1. n. Common name for the Kessler Campanile.

2. n. Pseudo-religious figure often invoked near exams.

3. adj. Used to describe a class which has been created for the explicit purpose of causing you pain.

4. v. To be victimized by an injustice. Used only in the past tense "I was shafted"

5. n. "They say this cat Shaft is a bad mutha..."

6. n. The geographic and spiritual center of campus.


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Sleep See: Free Time




 1. n. Meaningless, self contradictory word derived from the Greek words meaning wise and foolish

2. n. Student with between 45 and 89 (arcane usage)



 South Park  n. Rude, crass, politically incorrect cartoon on Cartoon Network watched religiously by most students on campus



 Star Trek

 1. n. Single most profitable franchise in television history

2. n. Source of obsession for a large portion of Tech students




1. n. First letter in Tech

2. n. Target for Theft




1. n. A television station owned by "Almighty Ted"

2. n. Tech B@#!&* Syndrome

See: Shaft

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 n. Deja-vouz all over again.

See: E-mag, Re-Mag, Shaft, Recursion



 Time Ticket

1. n. Official time window during which the Registrar will allow you to Register for classes

2. n. The window of time which has been designed to open exactly one second after the last slot for your most needed class has been filled.

See: Shaft,



 Tech Tower

1. n. Administration Building Tower emblazoned with "TECH" in gold letters

2. n. Target for overactive students.

See: T

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1. n. Georgia Tech's weekly campus newspaper

2. n. Hey it's free what else are you going to read on a Friday? (It could use a few movie listings)



 Weather Channel  n. A television station NOT owned by "Almighty Ted"



 Word  n. General term for information including but not limited to old quizzes, homework, finals, and criminal conspiracies.