Famous Monuments Around Campus

The Heisman Statue


From "Dress Her in White and Gold" --

"...The addition of Tech's first full-time football coach, John Heisman, the erudite, creative, colorful genius of the sport was probably the move that made more impression on the outside world than any other appointment in the history of the school. Heisman -- for whom the famed Heisman Trophy was to be named -- had coached at Oberlin, Buchtel (now Akron University), Auburn, and Clemson before Tech finally landed him in late 1903. Of his 39 years of active coaching, the longest stretch (16 years) was spent at the Flats.

"A brilliant tactician, Heisman had already contributed several innovations to the game before Tech managed to get his name on a contract to lead the football teams from the position of regional doormat to that of a national power. The fact that Heisman's 1903 Clemson team handed Tech its worst beating of that final no-coach-of-record year (0-73) undoubtedly convinced the Tech partisans that he was the coach to lead the school's athletic program out of the doldrums."

The Heisman Statue was in front of the old gym at the bottom of the hill on Bobby Dodd. When the gym was demolished, the statue was placed in storage, and only recently was it brought back out and put in front of Bobby Dodd Stadium.

While not the site of many pranks (mostly just creative cleaning with some polish), some students have decorated the statue with stragically placed snow and ice.

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