Without history, a college lacks a sense of self, a pride necessary to create unity in the student body, faculty, and administration. Traditions are the basis of every major decision that goes on at the collegiate level. They offer a link between current students and alumni. They are, quite simply, the crazy glue of our lives.

Here at Tech, many of our traditions date back to our earliest days, when we really were the "North Avenue Trade School." Yes, there was a time when our fight songs, our mascot, and our rivalries were but dim notions in the minds of a handful of students. Many ideas bore fruit, and gave birth to some of the most famous traditions in college history. Others lived a temporary life, ending almost as quickly as they began. But it is the sum of all traditions, past and present, that make Tech what is, and to be part of our community, you must first know our past.

Here, then, are many of those great events, people, places, and things that have given Georgia Tech its being, its self in the heart of every student that has been fortunate enough to call it home. See where we've come from, see what we are, and see where we're going. You are part of these traditions now, and its time to make them part of you.

Past Traditions:

There are traditions that have departed from this world, making silent our sacred halls. Nevertheless, though the individual traditions die out, many relics of them remain an integral part of our culture. And a tradition never truly dies out, but only sleeps until some brave student(s) have the courage and the strength to pull it back from obscurity.

  • The Original RATS
  • Another Rivalry: Georgia Tech and Auburn
  • Evolution of the Tech Mascot
  • Drownproofing
  • The Old Ford Race to Athens

  • Current Traditions

    Ah yes, the ones that really matter to you. After all, it's fun to know what Techies did fifty and sixty years ago, but once you're on campus, all that matters is what goes on now. Well rest easy, here are the traditions that have stuck with us throughout the years, and show no sign of slowing down. Know well these traditions, young Persius, for one day they may save your life.

  • Publications
  • Organizations
  • Mascots: Buzz and the Ramblin' Wreck
  • Rivalry: UGA (sic), the ACC
  • Cheers and Songs
  • Midnight Madness
  • Campus Pets Through the Years
  • Famous Monuments Around Tech:

  • The "T"
  • The Whistle
  • The Varsity
  • The Fountain (By the Library)
  • The Campanile (Shaft...)
  • Juniors
  • Heisman's Statue















    Tech has its share of literary publications, each with its own history. The big ones are

    It will be requested that each publication submit, at their convenience, information on their history. The above are not all of the publications that may end up part of the page, just the ones that popped into my mind.

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    This section will have links to individual pages for every campus organization that wants to let incoming freshmen know more about any of their traditions (at least, those that are safe to disclose to the public).

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