Midnight Madness


Every quarter, during finals week, the students on campus come out of the dorms, frat houses, and apartments, stand around, and scream their heads off to vent frustration. The festivities, known as midnight madness, occur, oddly enough, between midnight and 12:30 am every night, beginning on the Sunday before dead week and ending Friday morning. Everyone needs at least one good scream to get into the swing of things, and its not unusual for some students to get a little carried away (think streakers). Having released their tension, students are ready to bear another night of studying and another day of tests.

I figure we have a choice: scream at night when the world screams with you, or run from your exams screaming and pulling your hair out. While more interesting to see, the second option is not the recommended course of action for those Tech students seriously intent on graduating some day.

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