Famous Monuments Around Campus

The Varsity


Anyone want some good, old fashioned grease? That monument to oil, grease, and fat called the Varsity was begun by Frank Gordy in 1928 at the same site you can find it today. As long as it's been there, tradition has held for those Tech fans without football tickets to stop in an order some grease (errr, I mean a burger and fries) on game day and watch the game on the many TV's within. Then, of course, everyone has those times when they decide to walk across the interstate and sit down to some artery clogging food.

Ok, so I give the V a tough time about the oily nature of its food, but anyone that ever eats there will know I'm being honest, and it's not like grease is a bad thing -- it tastes awfully good sometimes.

The Varsity has a long history, and this page can hardly do it justice. For those interested, the V has its own web site, where you can learn all about its grease (um, history).

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