Cogito Ergo Sum


Learning about the campus:

Before you get here (Tech that is), you'll probably want to know more about the school and the campus. One way to do that is with Connect With Tech (or as another one of those acronyms -- CWT). During CWT, you'll spend a weekend with a current student and learn about Tech from a first- hand look at the campus.

The other way you can (and will be forced to) learn about Tech is through a program that nobody calls Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech, but that everybody calls FASET.

To learn more about the amazing time you will have Familiarizing and Adapting click here.


Proving your worth:

Before you come to FASET, make sure you know a few things about yourself. Know what kind of credit you have whether it is transfer credit in the form of joint enrollment, Advanced Placement credit, or International Baccalaureate. All those brochures you get (or got) will tell you exactly what kind of credit you'll get here at Tech.


Use it or Lose it.

The question of AP credit usually goes like this: Should I take it or leave it? That question really depends on you. The general consensus about AP English credit: TAKE IT. The same principle applies for most humanities and social science credits. Foreign language credit can get kind of weird, so check on that with care. With satisfactory International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, for example, you can skip all three introductory physics course here at Tech. (Remember: Newton is still dead, and the laws of physics haven't changed; if your comfortable with skipping some physics, do it.) In general, Calc I and Calc II credit should be taken. But throughout all of your choices, don't forget that in the end you're responsible for your decisions. The philosophy is SINK or SWIM: you can't use the excuse that you haven't had the prerequisites for a certain class to get out of a bad situation.

Be sure to check the Online Student Computer Assisted Registration (OSCAR) to see if Tech has gotten your credit. Check frequently to see if your credit is in; otherwise take a hard copy of your AP scores to FASET (wow that was a lot of acronyms in one sentence).