Here we are. These are the members of the T-book Publication Organization.

We all worked on all the pages but we're only willing to take the blame for one each.

 Picture  Name Responsible for: Also Responsible for
  Karen Feigh FASET pages The rest of the Tbook Organization
  Erich Plonke Maintenance and basically all of the programming the rest of us don't understand Computer Guru
  Irwin (Irwando) Dolobowsky We're not exactly sure we think he's just here for the food. Oh yeah he made those buttons.
  George Perantatos Computer Pages Entertainment at meetings
  Scott Percy Calendar of events Billy Joel impersonations
  Rebecca (Becca) Cutri-Kohart Social Life pages All those annoying animated pictures that the rest of us want to get rid of.
  Nikki Cross Dorm Life Pages Keeping Becca and George under control
  Ian Powell Traditions Pages Covert Operations
  Samir Kahn International Students Pages The rest of the really annoying animated pictures
  Mike Mohseni Academics Pages He actually takes notes at the meetings and tells the rest of us what we forgot to do at the next meeting
not pictured Eddie (Yes that is my Real Name) Murphy The Glossary and this page

I don't know.

Karen, What am I supposed to do now?

  Griffin Smith Biking page Providing a calming influence at meetings
not pictured George P Burdell Broken links, bad connections, and network crashes. Stealing the T